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some days all i do is watch the sky...

I've given up working for tonight. I haven't updated in a while (I think), so I figured I'd do that now.

I have to do an oral argument for my Brief Writing class on Thursday. For some reason I thought it would be good to go on the first day, a week from the day we all signed up. My weekend was consumed with family, friends, two trips to the Winking Lizard in Macedonia, lots of really good food, and way too much Easter candy. (That means I didn't do any oral argument work. Although I did get all caught up on Con Law. Go me! Haha.) But yeah, oral argument... Despite having done it once before for the Moot Court Competition last summer, I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing. Although I felt that way when I was writing my brief and I ended up with probably one of the best scores in the class. So I guess I might sort of know. We'll see. It's only 10 minutes... Yeah, we'll see...

I got a haircut on Saturday. Wanda cut it more than I wanted. It's... a little below my shoulders now? I wore it straight yesterday and today. Quite the departure from me. I also put highlights/streaks/lightness in a little while ago. Last weekend? The weekend before? Who knows? I think it was last weekend because I remember talking to Katie about dying my hair (and her being like, as usual, "OMG! Your hair's going to fall out! Stop dying your hair so much!) and then seeing her. I don't know. In the scrapbook my mom made for my grandpa for his 80th birthday this weekend, there was a picture of her and my grandparents when she graduated from college. I look exactly like her. It's kind of scary. Except her hair was really long and I wish my hair would grow that long and look as pretty as hers did in the picture. My hair basically won't grow any longer than it was when I had my school pictures taken my junior year of high school. Because I'm killing time until I'm actually tired enough to sleep... Here are some pictures:

Literally right now.

Me and my hermano at my grandpa's party this weekend. I'm going to be sad when I really have to be a grown-up and take out my orbital, tragus, and nose ring for real...

From Thespian inductions at the end of junior year, I think. The chocolate cake on our teeth was an inside joke from Anything Goes.

Technically not high school. This was the day before I left for college at Sea World. :o(

In other news: MTV is totally showing five hours of Undressed tonight from midnight to 5 am. I used to watch that show in the middle of the night after I'd get home from work at Sea World, actually. Definitely awesomely bad. I hope they start showing it. Oh, and we totally watched it freshman year of college in the middle of the night. Awesome. So many people who are famous now were on it. I'm sure they're showing episodes tonight with Adam Brody and whoever else is actually known now.

Okay, I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say for now.
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