some days all i do is watch the sky... (bttrflyk8) wrote,
some days all i do is watch the sky...

I'm completely in love and obsessed with Tegan & Sara's CD that comes out next month, The Con...
I can't get enough.

I wonder if anyone actually reads this thing anymore...

Exams are over.
One year left.
Then the BAR EXAM.
I'm working full time again.
Taking First Amendment at night with Gard.
I'm writing a paper on freedom of expression for high school students, with a focus on freedom of expression that isn't student publications.
My main case is the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case that the SC just granted cert to.
I think it'll be interesting.
I wanted to do freedom of the press for paparazzi, but there aren't really any cases or anything to use...
What else?
Watching the Cavs kick ass in the Eastern Conference playoffs has been awesome.
Watching them get spanked in the finals hasn't been.
I'm going to a wedding in Dayton this weekend.
Last weekend I learned how to shoot a gun.
I went to NYC last week with my parents for my birthday.
It was amazing.
My parents are awesome!

That's all for now.
I miss my non-law school friends...
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