some days all i do is watch the sky... (bttrflyk8) wrote,
some days all i do is watch the sky...

Soo... I wonder if anyone will read this. Since I haven't posted in almost four months. Yikes.

I have my first exam Tuesday. Paper due Monday. Second exam Wednesday. Then my last exam the following Tuesday. I'm not sure why I wrote that in that order. But I did. Studying is frying my brain. My first exam is Estates & Trusts. Good times. Let me tell you. Then Secured Transactions and Tax. Ugh. I cannot wait to be done with law school. Then I just have that little thing called the Bar Exam. And somewhere in the middle? I have to find a job. Hopefully I can do that before taking the Bar. So on the off chance I leave Ohio, I won't have to take two Bars. Because that? Would suck. Seriously.

I'm not entirely sure why I even decided to update this thing. Procrastination, probably. I can't study/think anymore...

I'm going to NYC January 2 to the 6th. (Laura, if you read this - we must hang out. I'll contact you in a more reliable/appropriate way soon. Just in case you don't read this.) Kelly and I are seeing The Little Mermaid and Young Frankenstein (and doing nothing else because I am broke as a joke). I can't wait to be back in NYC. It's my favorite place in the whole world. (Even if we are staying in - dun, dun dun - New Jersey. We're going to be pretend B&T people. Boo.)
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